When it comes to adding ventilation to your property, the most important place to have proper airflow is in the attic. Proper ventilation is essential to protect your roofing materials from wear or damage and preventing musty odors and smells from forming. As a homeowner, it’s important you know how attic ventilation works and the benefits it offers to properties in Jackson, MS.

Types of Ventilation

Home ventilation works by allowing the building to breathe to remove excess moisture. It’s effective in removing stale air and bringing in fresh air with the use of fans and vents.

There are different types of ventilation to consider for your attic, which include ridge vents and whole-house fans. Gable vents are also useful and draw air out of the attic while preventing moisture from entering the building from the outside. Soffit vents are another popular option because they promote convective air movement from the soffits to the ridge vent on the building.

Benefits of Ventilation

Although it may be an investment to install proper ventilation in the attic, it can offer many benefits over time. This can increase the lifespan of the roof by controlling the climate in the attic each season. It can also increase the level of comfort in the building and improve the performance of the air conditioner or heater, which can lead to fewer HVAC repairs.

The Right Amount of Attic Ventilation

Ventilating an attic requires measuring the space to determine how much ventilation your home needs for it to be effective. You’ll need to hire a contractor who can determine the square footage of the attic and the ventilation requirement for the size. There should be one square foot of Net Free Area every 150 square feet.

We’re here to answer your questions when you want to learn more about how ventilation works and the options available. Call us at Hux Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment to have proper ventilation installed in your home or office in Jackson, MS.

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