It is easy to overlook the performance of your furnace in Ridgeland, MS until you need to use it in the winter. Signs that your furnace is running inefficiently can appear out of nowhere and easily go unnoticed until they become a bigger issue. Here are five signs that your furnace is inefficient.

1. Constant Cycling

A heating system that continually turns on and off is a classic sign of an inefficient heating system. There are many reasons why your heating system will constantly cycle, including dirty air filters, faulty thermostats and pilot light issues. All these reasons signal an inefficient furnace and can lead to higher energy bills.

2. Furnace Takes Longer to Heat Your Home

If your heating system takes longer than normal to heat your home, it is likely because it is not running efficiently. Clogged air vents or dirty air filters can cause this issue, forcing your heating system to work harder than necessary, which lowers its efficiency.

3. Uneven Heating

Take note of the temperature throughout all of the rooms in your home. If specific rooms are consistently cooler than others, this may signal your furnace is having issues efficiently pushing the warm air throughout your home.

4. Increased Dust and Dry Air

Increased dust and allergens in the air are often early warning signs something is off with your heating system. In this case, your heating system is likely unable to properly filter these particles. Excessive dry air is another sign of inefficiency if your furnace is having issues humidifying the air properly.

5. Visible Soot or Rust

Inspect the outer areas of your furnace for noticeable soot or rust. These signs can indicate incomplete combustion, which reduces your furnace’s efficiency.

An inefficient heating system is a frustrating problem to have, as it can lead to increased energy bills through constant cycling of your system as well as be a sign of impending repairs. Addressing signs of inefficiency early can help prolong the life of your furnace. Contact us at Hux Air Conditioning today if your furnace is not running at its peak performance and we’ll repair it ASAP!

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