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Evaporator & Fan Coils in Mendenhall, Jackson, Madison MS and Surrounding Areas

Some spaces require creative cooling and heating solutions, so the HVAC industry provides a multitude of specialized products for various applications. Evaporator coils and fan coils have been around for years, but it takes a skilled and experienced service technician like the pros at Hux Air Conditioning to install the right product that will maximize comfort and efficiency.


Fan Coils

A fan coil (FCU) is a simple device that contains a cooling or heating coil and a fan. Unlike an air handler, a fan coil is usually isolated and not connected to an air distribution system. As a result, these units only affect the temperature in the area where the system is installed. Evaporator fan coils are controlled by thermostats or manual switches, which makes them ideal for smaller spaces where ductwork is impractical.

When the thermostat is activated, the fan draws indoor air over the coil and pushes it back out into the room. A fan coil is typically less expensive to install than a ducted system, and they’re available in floor mounted, ceiling, vertical, horizontal, hi-rise and free standing styles. The substance used to transfer heat energy is either water or refrigerant. In a multi-unit configuration, several fan coils can be attached to a single source such as a boiler, heat pump or chiller. All connected fan coils must operate in the same mode.

AC Coils

Air conditioning systems incorporate an evaporator coil and a condensing coil that work together to extract heat from the interior of a building and deposit it outdoors. Inside the air handler, the blower draws warm air from different rooms and continually passes it over the evaporator coil while the system is engaged. The refrigerant in the copper tubes recirculates through the coil in a vaporous state around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat is absorbed by the refrigerant, and the resulting colder air is pushed back into the building. Evaporator coils are assigned a SEER rating by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute to ensure they are properly matched to the appropriate condensing units.

The condensing coil works on a similar principle as an evaporator coil except in reverse. The heat load from indoors changes the refrigerant to a hot vapor, which travels to the condenser and is exhausted into the outdoor air through the action of the condensing fan. After the refrigerant changes back into a liquid, it flows to the evaporator coil and begins the refrigeration cycle all over again.

Call the Evaporator and Fan Coil Pros

If you have a need to heat or cool a specific area, call the pros at Hux Air Conditioning today. We offer a full line of fan coil units designed to solve any challenging application. We can also verify that your evaporator coil is properly matched to your condenser to ensure you’re receiving the efficiency you paid for.

Hux Air Conditioning has been providing heating and cooling solutions to homeowners and small business owners in Mendenhall, Magee, Madison, Ridgeland, Florence, MS and the surrounding areas since 2007. We offer flat-rate pricing, 24-hour emergency service, complimentary home energy inspection and the highest quality job with 100% custom satisfaction guaranteed. Call us for your heating and cooling needs.

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