Indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most important elements of a safe and comfortable home. Neglecting this may have serious consequences, some of which homeowners in Jackson, MS may not even be aware of. Here are three issues you may end up facing if you have poor IAQ in your home.

1. HVAC Performance Issues

Dust is one of the most common airborne pollutants and among the most common threats to proper airflow in your HVAC system. Pollutants can decrease the system’s overall efficiency when they accumulate in your air filters, ducts and other critical system components.

2. High Utility Bills

The second issue is a direct consequence of the first. An HVAC system that runs less efficiently eats up more energy, working harder for every unit of air that it heats or cools. If low IAQ can prevent your system from functioning efficiently, then it will also end up increasing your monthly utility bills.

This illustrates why it’s important not to shirk scheduling HVAC maintenance service or investing in IAQ solutions. HVAC maintenance visits should happen at least once per year, ideally twice.

3. Health Problems

Poor IAQ can cause a variety of health issues. These will vary in severity depending on the level of your IAQ and the duration for which you’ve endured it.

Breathing dirty air may lead to headaches, congestion, shortness of breath and an irritated throat and eyes. More serious problems, generally stemming from extended exposure to low-quality air, include vomiting, fainting, trouble sleeping, nosebleeds and even diseases like lung cancer and COPD.

Don’t let your IAQ negatively impact your home. Call Hux Air Conditioning and request our IAQ services near Jackson, MS today.

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