Surprisingly, that smell in your house that never goes away could be coming from your heat pump. Unusual smells are usually a sign of trouble, so you should never ignore them. Below, discover some common heat pump odors in Mendenhall, MS and what they mean.

Burning Odor

Your HVAC system has multiple moving components. To continue working efficiently, these components require sufficient lubrication to eliminate friction. When the lubrication runs out, you may detect a burning smell as the metallic parts grind to continue working.

The smell may also occur when loose belts or the coating on your heat pump’s wires come in contact with hot parts. Schedule regular maintenance services to keep the moving parts well-lubricated. Our technicians will also spot and fix loose belts and damaged wires during their maintenance visit.

A Dusty Smell

If you have not used your heat pump for some time, you may detect this smell when you turn it on. The smell occurs when the warm components heat the dust accumulated on them.

Dirty components can struggle to conduct their functions efficiently. Consider having your heat pump parts cleaned before the heating or cooling season starts.

A Sweet or Chloroform-Like Smell

Your heat pump can move heat from one area to another thanks to a fluid called refrigerant. This fluid can leak when there are punctures along the refrigerant lines.

A sweet or chloroform-like smell in your home is one of the indicators that refrigerant is leaking. You may also hear hissing and gurgling sounds when this fluid leaks.

Request a technician to repair refrigerant leaks and recharge your system. Never attempt to handle repairs by yourself as this fluid can harm your health.

The longer you wait to address the underlying problem, the more it worsens. Call the heating experts at Hux Air Conditioning whenever you detect weird odors from your heat pump. Our team has worked on multiple HVAC issues over the years, and you can rest assured we will accurately diagnose and address the underlying problem.

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