During the summer here in Jackson, MS, your heat pump should ideally run for 10 to 15 minutes and then shut off. These cycles should not be so frequent either: at the most, expect two or three an hour. If your heat pump short cycles, then you may have an issue with a component, airflow, or the system as a whole.

Bad Thermostat or Control Board

Your thermostat needs calibration once in a while; in fact, the average maintenance plan includes thermostat calibration once a year. Without this, a thermostat may lose its accuracy in reading the indoor temperature, so you may have a situation where it mistakenly thinks the heat pump has reached the setpoint and shuts it off prematurely.

Another possibility is a faulty control board. This component turns on the HVAC system based on the thermostat’s readings.

Blocked Airflow

You’ve heard it over and over again: Keep the vents clean and replace your air filter. But we can’t overstate the importance of this. Poor airflow causes pressure to build up in the heat pump, resulting in overheating and the premature shutting down of the system as a safety precaution).

An Oversize Heat Pump

Heat pumps come with precise specifications that make them suited for properties of a certain size. Sad to say, some HVAC installers ignore these specifications and sell clients the most expensive units based on the assumption that bigger is better. If your heat pump’s cooling capacity exceeds the needs of your home, it will cool too rapidly to remove the right amount of moisture to keep you comfortable.

Hux Air Conditioning will gladly take on your AC repair here in Jackson, so call today. Established in 2007, we’ve brought together a team of NATE-certified technicians who can handle projects large and small on any make or model of heat pump.

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