The cooling season in Jackson, MS can come with its fair share of heat pump issues. One of the common problems during this period is the system failing to cool your house. Below, we will discuss why a heat pump may blow hot air in cooling mode.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat relays your temperature needs to the heat pump, which completes these requests. If there is any damage to the wires connecting the thermostat and the heat pump, your instructions may not reach it. When the system doesn’t receive your instructions, it won’t cool your house.

Also, if the thermostat remains in heating mode during the cooling season, it cannot prompt your heat pump to cool your house. To avoid this situation, switch your thermostat setting from “heat” to “cool” when warmer weather arrives.

Faulty Reversing Valve

When using your system’s heating mode, the refrigerant moves heat from the surroundings to your indoor air. When your system changes to cooling mode, the reversing valve makes the refrigerant change the flow’s direction and start moving heat from your indoor air to the surroundings.

When your reversing valve malfunctions, it cannot change the refrigerant’s directional flow. As a result, the refrigerant fails to cool your indoor air. Repair services can eliminate this problem.

Clogged Air Filter

A heat pump with a clogged air filter can’t receive enough air to cool your living space. Since the system recirculates very little cooled air, your home remains warm or has warm and cold spots. Replace your air filter regularly to allow the system to cool all the air in your home evenly.

When your system fails to cool your house to your liking, don’t ignore the issue. Our team will respond quickly and eliminate the underlying issues keeping you from enjoying comfort in your home. Call Hux Air Conditioning immediately for professional maintenance and repair services in Jackson, MS.

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