Pets are wonderful additions to any home; they brighten moods, are thoughtful buddies and are simply adorable. However, they can affect your home’s air quality negatively. As a homeowner in Jackson, MS, look out for the following.

Pet Dander

Pets naturally lose fur and dander throughout their lives, which contributes to an allergen-filled environment. This is especially troubling for people with asthma or allergies as these microscopic particles can induce coughing, sneezing and other respiratory problems. To minimize dander, brush your pet outside regularly, utilize high-efficiency air filters and vacuum or steam-clean your floors routinely.

Dust Mites and Bacteria

These tiny creatures feed off the dead skin cells found in pet fur. Common allergens might result in symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing and coughing. Animal saliva and waste also lead to bacteria in the home; these bacteria can linger in the indoor air for lengthy periods, and inhaling them can cause respiratory issues.

Pet Fur

Animals with fur regularly shed their coats, which leaves piles of fur on your floors, furniture and clothing. When animals shed, fur goes into the air, too. Grooming your pets, vacuuming regularly and investing in indoor air quality solutions can help reduce the issues caused by shedding pets.

Pet-Related Odors

These are often difficult to eliminate and are usually unpleasant for non-pet owners. Odors can originate from pet waste and natural oils released for their fur and skin. Frequent baths and odor absorbers assist in lessening pet odors. Sometimes a change in their food helps with odors.

Investing in indoor air quality solutions and regularly grooming your pets helps ensure that the air in your home is safe for you and your loved ones. Contact Hux Air Conditioning today to find out more about our IAQ solutions and the rest of our HVAC services we offer throughout Jackson.

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