High temperatures and extreme humidity are typical in Mendenhall, Mississippi. This makes it necessary to have the air conditioning running almost constantly, usually through at least September and into October. But some ACs can develop problems over time, including constant on- and off-cycling. Keep an eye on frequent and unusual short-cycling, as this can cause problems for your system.

Why Air Conditioning Short-Cycling Should Concern You

Short-cycling causes a number of issues. For one, it can cause a spike in your electric bill. This is because AC units typically draw more electricity when they turn on. Repeatedly cycling on and off also puts considerable stress on the system’s components. This increases the unit’s chances of breaking down and could possibly shorten its lifespan.

Possible Causes

There are many reasons why air conditioners start short-cycling. One possible reason is improper thermostat placement. Placing thermostats close to air vents or sunlit windows affects their ability to measure indoor temperatures accurately. This could cause your AC unit to switch on and off unnecessarily. Thankfully, this problem is fairly easy to fix. All you have to do is have a qualified HVAC technician transfer the thermostat to a central, indoor location.

Dirty air filters could also cause periodic short-cycling. This problem often occurs when dust and grime buildup restricts airflow within the system. Regular cleaning and maintenance should keep your filter clean and your AC running at its optimum condition.

Insufficient refrigerant level is another common cause for short-cycling. Air conditioners use coolant to absorb heat and cool down the air. When coolant levels get too low, the reduced pressure makes it difficult for the compressor to work efficiently. This could cause rapid on and off cycling, which is especially harmful to AC units.

Recommended Course of Action

Short-cycling by itself is usually easy to fix, but you do need to get your system checked by a professional HVAC technician as soon as possible. Early action could prevent costly repair and replacement and restore your air conditioner to its optimum condition.

Find out how you could put an end to problematic on and off cycling by calling our expert AC professionals at Hux Air Conditioning at 601-869-0002.

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