Regular maintenance on your HVAC system is critical to having a healthy, comfortable home in Mendenhall, Mississippi. The money you spend on changing the air filter, vacuuming vents and cleaning condenser coils will never add up to the expense of paying for unexpected problems that could have been easily prevented. Consider these three important reasons for thoroughly inspecting your HVAC system twice each year:

Prevent Expensive Repairs

HVAC systems have dozens of moving parts. Just one sheared bolt, bent coil or broken part launches a chain reaction that compromises the entire system. A bi-annual maintenance inspection catches problematic issues before they cause serious damage. During the inspection, a trained technician evaluates your entire system, cleaning sensors, tightening loose connections and clearing blockages to ensure all parts of the system are properly functioning.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Your HVAC system is only able to reach its promised energy efficiency if it is running optimally. When something goes wrong, the system works overtime to compensate, often bumping up your Entergy bill by 15 percent to 30 percent. During a maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician checks for compressor leaks, clogged airflows and faulty thermostats and also refills refrigerant and cleans tubes to ensure your system is working at its maximum potential.

Lower Service Costs

Signing up for a Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) is a smart way to ensure your HVAC system gets the attention it needs. Under this preventive maintenance contract, a skilled technician stops by your home in the spring and fall to assess system performance and complete routine maintenance tasks that help prevent breakdowns. As a PMA customer with Hux Air Conditioning, you receive priority service, diagnostic fee waivers, and exclusive discount repair pricing.

As a locally owned company, Hux Air Conditioning wants to ensure our Mendenhall neighbors are able to affordably protect their homes. Contact us at (601) 869-0002 to learn more about the exclusive benefits of having a PMA with Hux Air Conditioning.

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