You depend on your air conditioner to get you through the sticky hot months of a Jackson, Mississippi, summer. You’re more likely to experience consistently cool air from a well-functioning system if you allow the professionals at Hux Air Conditioning to perform annual maintenance on your HVAC system. Leading into the summer, that means scheduling a spring tune-up.

A tune-up includes a thorough inspection of all indoor and outdoor equipment. Our technicians will clean coils, cabinets and air filters as needed. All electrical components are evaluated for potential problems, and the evaporator coil and related parts are checked for leaks.

From the compressor and blower assembly to temperature spread, refrigerant pressure and subcooling, our AC maintenance routine protects every element of your cooling system. There are three primary reasons that you should consider scheduling a spring tune-up, especially if you haven’t done so in previous years.

Tune-ups Improve Energy Efficiency

Routine AC maintenance protects the integrity of your system by ensuring that every component delivers optimal performance. When all components function as designed, your system uses less energy. That has a direct impact on your energy bill. Let one piece of the system underperform or fail, and you’re likely to see an increase in your bill.

Catching the Small Problems

Some of the most common AC problems are subtle and easy to overlook. For instance, you may notice that one room or zone of your home doesn’t get as cool as the rest of your house. While you may not see a small problem as a reason to schedule a service visit, those subtle signs can be a symptom of a larger problem that will lead to a more costly AC repair bill in the future.

A thorough tune-up will catch those small problems before they escalate to emergencies. In some cases, the problems fixed during a tune-up will prevent a system breakdown that cuts the lifespan of your system short.

Protecting Your Warranty

Routine tune-ups are often required to protect your warranty. If you have a warranty on your HVAC system, it’s important to know the maintenance expectations that are required to keep that policy in good standing.

To learn more about AC maintenance and discuss your spring tune-up, contact Hux Air Conditioning at 601-869-0002 today.

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