Now is the time to make sure your Mendenhall, MS, home is ready for sweltering summer weather. The sizzling-hot summers mean you rely on your air conditioner for relief. By scheduling a spring tune-up appointment, you’ll ensure that your cooling system is ready for the first heatwave. Here’s what’s involved with a spring tune-up appointment for your air conditioning system.

Inspect All System Components

Air conditioning systems are complex machines, and our maintenance visits include a full inspection. Our technicians check all the moving parts for signs of wear and tear. Each electrical component is inspected, and the connections are checked. Our technicians also inspect the filter and replace it if it’s dirty. We check and clean the indoor and outdoor coils. The outdoor coils get dirty from exposure to pollen, dirt and dust, explains the Department of Energy . Cleaning them ensures they can release the heat from your home.

Verify Refrigerant Level

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant travels between the indoor and outdoor coils. It absorbs heat when in the indoor coil and releases it through the outdoor coil. If the refrigerant level is low, it won’t be able to transfer the heat out of your home. A leak could trigger the air conditioner to power down, completely disrupting your comfort. Our springtime maintenance includes verification of the coolant level. If it’s low, we find the leak and add more coolant once the leak is fixed.

Clean Drain Pan and Line

Air conditioners don’t just transfer heat out of your home. They also lower the humidity. The cooler air can’t hold as much moisture, so it condenses into water. That water enters the condensate drain. We clean out any clogs from the condensate drain pan and line. This prevents water from backing up into the air conditioning system.

For more information about what’s involved with a spring tune-up appointment, take a look at Hux Air Conditioning’s HVAC maintenance services, or contact us today.

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