Did you know that working thermostats date back as far as 400 years? Initially used for controlling a chicken incubator’s temperature, thermostats now control the temperatures in most American homes. Read on to find out how installing a smart thermostat could lower your utility bills in Madison, MS.

You Can Program Smart Thermostats

Analog thermostats, which may have digital displays, are still in wide use in American homes. Many homeowners believe that upgrading to newer models is costly and confusing, but this simply isn’t true. Further, analog thermostats are notorious for being inaccurate, reducing energy efficiency.

Contrary to popular belief, leaving your HVAC system off while away from home isn’t efficient. Forcing your HVAC system to heat your entire house when you return home puts it through undue stress. Smart thermostats avoid this oh-so-common shortfall, helping you save money.

Smart Thermostats Track Energy Use

Smart thermostats automatically pump out detailed energy consumption reports. You can access these as needed or at regular intervals. These reports alert you to unexpected changes, helping you address concerns in real time.

Your thermostat’s manufacturer will provide you with a free mobile app that acts as a smart thermostat control center. If you’d rather not use the app, you can have energy consumption reports sent to your email address or saved to your computer.

Smart Thermostats Can Control Temperatures Remotely

Before going to work in the morning, you turn your thermostat to 70 degrees because it’s just 55 degrees outside. By mid-afternoon, it’s 80 degrees, and you want to change the setting to 78, so your home will be comfortable when you come back, without wasting energy.

If you don’t return home until 6 p.m., you’ll get a higher energy bill for no good reason. But if you have a smart thermostat, you can easily change the setting from your smartphone and not have to worry about a rising utility bill.

We’re a trusted HVAC provider based in Madison, MS. Touch base with us at Hux Air Conditioning to learn more about installing a smart thermostat in your Madison, MS, home.

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