When it comes to staying comfortable in the Jackson, Mississippi, area, a quality HVAC system is only half the equation. Without a well-insulated home, your HVAC system is bound to struggle with the elements. Properly insulating makes your home more comfortable and efficient, but it does even more than that. Here’s why checking your insulation may be one of the best home improvement tasks you can do.

Keep Energy Costs in Check

With a humid climate and steadily rising energy costs, cooling your home in the Jackson area isn’t cheap. Every bit of energy you save is a worthwhile investment, and there are few better investments than insulating your home. In fact, you can save up to 10 percent annually by ensuring your home is insulated properly.

Enhance Your Home’s Comfort

In addition to saving money, insulating your home can also make it more comfortable. It effectively reduces air intrusion and makes it easier to maintain a consistent, pleasant temperature indoors regardless of the weather. It also helps to prevent excessive humidity from entering your home. Additionally, insulating improves the acoustic properties of your home by sealing out more unwanted outdoor noise.

Protect Your HVAC System

Simply put, a more comfortable and efficient home puts less of a burden on your HVAC system. Allowing less heat energy to transfer through your home means there’s less work for your heating and cooling system to do. The net result is less wear and tear, less need for AC repairs and a longer service life. It’s a modest expense that can help you avoid far greater costs down the line.

Ensuring you have proper insulation is one of the best ways to improve the overall performance of your home. For a complete professional assessment of your home’s insulation, check out Hux Air Conditioning’s insulation installation services or call 601-869-0002 to request a visit from our comfort specialists.

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