Various factors might cause air conditioning systems to overheat in Madison, MS. Any of the following problems could be to blame if you discover that your air conditioner is blowing warm air or that it isn’t effectively cooling your home.

1. A Clogged Filter

You need to be aware of the necessity of routinely changing your AC filters. The system can slow down and overheat if the filter is unclean, and UV light filters work similarly. If you don’t replace these filters regularly, they may fill up with dirt and dust, slowing the airflow through the system and putting more strain on other components.

2. Dirty Evaporator Coils

The inside evaporator coils hold very cold refrigerant. When the fan blower pushes the warm inside air over the coils, the cold liquid absorbs the heat and the cooled area is forced back into the home. Simultaneously, the heated refrigerant flows to the outside condenser, and the radiant heat transfers to the cooler outside air.

The evaporator coils can collect dirt and dust if the filters are dirty. This situation interferes with the efficient transfer of heat to the refrigerant, so the conditioned air won’t be as cool as it should be when it recirculates in the room. Our professionals clean and repair the coils and the other parts of the AC system during a maintenance visit.

3. A Dirty Condenser

It will be more difficult for radiant heat to transfer from the hot refrigerant to the cooler outside air if dirt accumulates on the outside condenser’s coils. The refrigerant will maintain some of that heat and not work as effectively when it re-enters the home to absorb the heat from the room. Consequently, the system has to work harder to try and reach the thermostat’s set temperature.

4. Defective Thermostat

Your thermostat is the brains of your heating and cooling system, so if it’s malfunctioning, your system will be operating inefficiently. Setting your thermostat too low to cool off a room quickly will use more energy than necessary to reach a pleasant temperature in your home.

Schedule your maintenance check now before the hot summer days arrive. Contact Hux Air Conditioning in Madison, MS for all your HVAC needs, including a new installation.

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