Here in Jackson, Mississippi the temperatures and weather can change throughout the week or even throughout the day. A connected thermostat (also called a smart thermostat) can help you manage fluctuations in the temperature inside of your home, even when you are away. Below are a few benefits of having a connected thermostat.

The Thermostat Learns Your Routine

Smart thermostats eventually learn your behaviors and routines and make the adjustments to temperatures automatically so you don’t have to. The thermostat knows when you are home, so it lowers the inside temperature or raises the heat inside, depending on outside temperatures. Your smart thermostat knows the time you usually arrive back home, and it will adjust the temperature accordingly before you walk in the door so that your home is nice and comfortable.

You Can Remotely Adjust the Temperature

If you determine that you will not be home at your usual time because you will be working late or having an impromptu dinner with friends, you can adjust your home’s temperature remotely. Download the app that is compatible with your connected thermostat to your mobile device, and simply adjust the temperature from your device so that your home is comfortable when you do arrive.

Receive Energy Tracking Reports

As temperatures vary, you may see differences in your energy bill. Connected thermostats send energy reports to your mobile device or computer. Those reports indicate which parts of your home require more energy and the times of the day when you use the most energy.

If you see energy spikes when no one is home, consider adding extra insulation to the area or having your home HVAC zoned. Zoning allows better temperature control over select rooms or areas so you use less energy, which will help you save money.

Contact our friendly team at Hux Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment so we can install your new connected thermostat. You can reach us at 601-869-0002.

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