The only time your heat pump should run constantly is when your Magee, MS house is extremely cold or hot. If the temperatures are not extreme, but your heat pump runs continuously, something is wrong. We will discuss why your heat pump might run constantly.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant helps to move heat from your living space to the environment and vice versa. When the fluid leaks, your heat pump cannot transfer heat smoothly since the amount left is insufficient to move enough heat. Consequently, your HVAC system runs constantly as it tries to meet the thermostat requirements.

Whenever you hear whistling or gurgling noises, it’s likely that your refrigerant is leaking. Call for repair services by a certified technician immediately to prevent more leakage, as the fluid harms the environment. Don’t attempt to fix the leak by yourself because the fluid is also harmful to human health.

An Undersized Heat Pump

HVAC industry experts categorize a heat pump as undersized when it lacks the capacity to meet your home’s temperature needs. When your home’s heating or cooling load overwhelms the system, it runs continuously as it tries to meet your needs. Consider doing away with an undersized HVAC system and installing one that matches your home’s heating and cooling loads.

Dirty Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil absorbs heat from your house when your system is in cooling mode, while the condenser coil sends this heat out into the environment. In heating mode, the condenser coil absorbs heat from the environment, while the evaporator coil transfers this heat to your indoor air.

When these coils are dirty, they can’t absorb or release heat efficiently. This causes your system to overwork. Regular maintenance helps to keep the coils clean.

Call Hux Air Conditioning for top-quality HVAC services. We’ll inspect your heat pump to find out what’s causing it to run continuously and make the repairs you need to get it running right again.

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