Summer storms are part and parcel of life in the South, and they can wreak havoc on your home’s HVAC system. As a result, if the weather channel calls for high winds, heavy rain, thunder, or lightning, make sure your air conditioner is properly protected. Here are four tips for preparing your Madison, MS HVAC system for summer storms.

1. Protect Your Outdoor Unit

Hail, strong winds, and flying debris can all cause serious damage to your exterior unit. Check that your outside furniture and tools are secure or store them away so that high winds do not blow them around. Use storm straps, metal tie-downs, or a protective cage to secure your outside HVAC unit.

2. Use a Surge Protector

Lightning may inflict extensive damage to your Madison, MS HVAC system. A surge protector helps safeguard your air conditioner from getting overwhelmed with energy by grounding the lighting. It’s a good idea to use power strips containing surge protectors for other smaller household appliances and devices.

3. Switch Off the Unit

Although you may have a surge protector, you should consider shutting off your HVAC system entirely as the storm approaches. This protects your HVAC equipment from electrical surges. You should also switch off your circuit breaker to remain even safer.

4. Schedule Regular HVAC Inspections

A professional HVAC tune-up is the best thing you can do to prepare your HVAC equipment for any season. If there are any small flaws, the technician will locate and address them before the storm has a chance to exacerbate them.

Call Hux Air Conditioning if you have any questions regarding the efficiency of your Madison, MS air conditioner before or after a storm. We are happy to check and fix any problems with your cooling system! Our skilled service techs also deal with heating, HVAC maintenance, indoor air quality, commercial HVAC and insulation services.

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