Pets offer unconditional love to humans. Unfortunately, your fur friend could be choking your HVAC system; hence, specialized attention to your HVAC unit is necessary when you own a pet. We will go through HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners in Magee, MS.

1. Consider Brushing Your Pet

Pets tend to shake themselves from time to time. When they do this, they release fur and pet dander into your indoor air, interfering with the indoor air quality. Brushing your fur friend regularly helps to trap loose hair and dispose of it in the trash.

This way, you minimize the chances of this fur making its way into your HVAC system and clogging essential components. Consider conducting this activity outside so that you don’t release the fur and pet dander into your home.

2. Change the Air Filter Often

Your air filter prevents contaminants from entering your HVAC system by trapping them as your HVAC unit pulls in air. When you have pets in your home, your air filter is more likely to become clogged than that of a person who doesn’t have pets.

A clogged air filter puts more stress on your HVAC unit because it cannot draw sufficient amounts of air through the filter. As a result, it operates for a longer time to regulate indoor temperatures.

Running the same filter for too long increases wear and tear, reducing your system’s lifespan. Changing your air filter helps the HVAC system operate optimally, increasing its lifespan.

3. Protect Your Outdoor Component

Pets tend to rub themselves against objects. They may rub against your outdoor HVAC component while enjoying their time outside.

As they do this, they release fur and pet dander into this component, which may clog the condenser coil with time. Erecting a small fence around the outdoor unit will help to protect your condenser coil.

Contact Hux Air Conditioning for professional HVAC services if your system is experiencing problems. Our service technicians will create a custom solution to restore its optimal performance.

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