A lot of homeowners in Madison, Mississippi, want to keep their homes safe from any form of indoor pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). But you can find VOCs in common household products, including cleaning products, scented household products, and more. Having these VOCs in your home can have adverse effects on indoor air quality and your family’s health. It’s important to know more about how to control your indoor air quality, which includes learning about these three surprise contaminants.


Butane is a colorless, flammable gas that you can find in lighters, as well as in aerosol sprays like hair sprays and air fresheners. These are common household items, but they can still spread these sneaky contaminants throughout your home. The World Health Organization classifies butane as a very volatile organic compound, meaning it more easily evaporates into the air and can harm your family by acting as a depressant on your central nervous system.


If you’re trying to live free of VOCs, you should stay away from acetone. You can find this compound mainly in nail polish remover and sometimes in furniture polish, too. You may want a fresh coat of polish on your nails, but you and others in your home could breathe in these fumes. Acetone can definitely set off your allergies, including a runny nose, but it can also cause other allergic symptoms ranging from irritation to vomiting.


Formaldehyde, which is often used to produce plywood, laminate flooring, paper, cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, and more, can cause breathing problems or irritation in your eyes, nose, throat, and skin. Children, older adults, and people with asthma are more sensitive to formaldehyde’s effects. If you brought some new furniture or flooring into your house, you should look into some indoor air quality solutions such as air purifiers or cleaners to keep your home healthy.

These indoor air pollutants and others can be harmful to everyone in your family. If you have concerns about your home’s indoor air quality, give Hux Air Conditioning a call today at 601-869-0002 and speak to one of our experienced technicians. We have air purifiers that can turn poor indoor air into healthy air again.

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