As a homeowner in Jackson, Mississippi, you want to know what to do when your air conditioner is blowing hot air. Throughout our long AC season, this area can get very hot. The average humidity can reach 78% according to the Weather Atlas, which can make the air feel even hotter, not to mention sticky. So when you need to cool down, the last thing you expect is your air conditioner to be blowing hot air. Here are the steps you should take before giving us a call.

Check Your Thermostat

Weather can be tricky, so do the easiest thing first and make sure your thermostat is set to cool and not to heat. Also, if your thermostat is set to "on" instead of "auto," then your fan will continue to blow out air, usually warmer air, even if the unit isn’t actively cooling.

Check Your Air Filter

If the air filter hasn’t been changed in a while, this could be blocking the airflow. Air filters help to keep dust, debris, dirt, and other allergens or contaminants out of the air that your AC is blowing out. When the filters get overloaded, it can affect the airflow, and possibly cause other parts of your system to get dirty or blocked. So check to see if your air filter needs to be changed or cleaned.

Check the Outside Air Conditioner Unit

Air conditioning units have an indoor and outdoor component. Both units need to be working properly in order for the unit to cool the air. So check to see that it’s free from debris, like leaves and sticks, and that it appears to be working properly. If things seem a little bit off, there could be a problem with your condenser coils. If it continues to blow hot air, call a professional service technician to inspect and service it for you.

You don’t want the Jackson, MS humidity and hot air to make you uncomfortable in your own home. Contact Hux Air Conditioning and let us help you keep your home comfortable and cool through the rest of the AC season. Call us at (601) 869-0002 to speak with someone today.

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